Top 6 Free Online Cloud Storage Website (2022)

Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of Free Storage which lets users upload files up to 5TB in size, as long as they’re not converted to Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. There is a 50MB file size limit on presentations and documents uploaded to Drive and converted to Docs and Slides, and a 100MB limit on spreadsheets converted to Sheets. Premium Plans start from ₹130/month* which offers 100GB of storage.


It offers 2GB of free storage which can be synced across devices. Paid plan starts from ₹822/month* which offers 2TB storage with a 30-day file & account recovery and a Remote account wipe feature.


The Individual Paid plan starts from ₹136/month* and offers 100GB of storage. Mobile Apps  & Web-Based Access are included with all the plans. OneDrive also offers a Free Plan with 5GB of Storage. Also, other useful features are included in every plan.


You can get the 10GB Box Individual plan for free and securely access your content from anywhere, but you’ll be limited to file uploads of up to 250MB. Individual Paid plan starts from ₹785/month* which offers 100GB storage with file uploads upto 5GB.


Paid plan starts from ₹273/month* and offers 500GB of storage. Also, it has a free plan which offers 10GB of Storage. Desktop & Mobile apps are available.


Mega offers 50GB of free storage which makes it stand out from other services. The paid plan starts from ₹344/month* and offers 200GB of storage.


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