All Keyboard Shortcuts of Adobe Prelude - Windows & Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts of Adobe Prelude

New ProjectCtrl+Alt+N (Win)Opt+Cmd+N (macOS)
Open ProjectCtrl+Shift+O (Win), Shift+Cmd+O (macOS)
Close ProjectCtrl+Shift+W (Win), Shift+Cmd+W (macOS)
CloseCtrl+W (Win), Cmd+W (macOS)
Save AsCtrl+Shift+S (Win), CMD+Shift+S (macOS)
IngestCtrl+I (Win), Cmd+I (macOS)
Export ProjectCtrl+P (Win), Cmd+P (macOS)
Create Rough CutCtrl+N (Win), Cmd+N (macOS)
ExitCtrl+Q (Win), Cmd+Q (macOS)
UndoCtrl+Z (Win), Cmd+Z (macOS)
RedoCtrl+Shift+Z (Win), Shift+Cmd+Z (macOS)
CutCtrl+X (Win), Cmd+X (macOS)
CopyCtrl+C (Win), Cmd+C (macOS)
PasteCtrl+V (Win), Cmd+V (macOS)
ClearDelete (Win), Forward Delete (macOS)
Select AllCtrl+A (Win), Cmd+A (macOS)
Deselect AllCtrl+Shift+A (Win), Shift+Cmd+A (macOS)
Set Marker In PointI (Use Alt+I or Opt+I when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Set Marker Out PointO (Use Alt+O or Opt+O when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Select Previous MarkerCtrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (macOS)
Select Next MarkerCtrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (macOS)
Select Previous ClipCtrl+Up (Win), Cmd+Up (macOS)
Select Next ClipCtrl+Down (Win), Cmd+Down (macOS)
Add Selected MarkersShift+= (Win), Cmd+= (macOS)
Add Subclip Marker1 (Main keyboard)
Add Comment Marker2 (Main keyboard)
Marker InspectorShift+5 (Win), Cmd+5 (macOS)
Marker ListShift+6 (Win), Cmd+6 (macOS)
Marker TypeShift+4 (Win), Cmd+4 (macOS)
MetadataShift+7 (Win), Cmd+7 (macOS)
MonitorShift+2 (Win), Cmd+2 (macOS)
ProjectShift+1 (Win), Cmd+1 (macOS)
TimelineShift+3 (Win), Cmd+3 (macOS)
Adobe Prelude HelpF1
Go To Selected Clip EndShift+End
Go To Selected Clip StartShift+Home
Go To Time View EndEnd (Win), End or Function+Right Arrow (macOS)
Go To Time View StartHome (Win), Home or Function+Left Arrow (macOS)
Maximize or Restore Frame‘ (accent under tilde)
Play In-outCtrl+Shift+Space (Win), Opt+K (macOS)
Play Stop ToggleSpace
Select Find BoxShift+F
Select Next PanelCtrl+Shift+. (period)
Select Previous PanelCtrl+Shift+, (comma)
Shuttle LeftJ
Shuttle RightL
Shuttle Slow LeftShift+J
Shuttle Slow RightShift+L
Shuttle StopK
Step BackLeft Arrow
Step Back many Frames – UnitsShift+Left Arrow
Step ForwardRight Arrow
Step Forward many Frames – UnitsShift+Right Arrow
Workspace 1Alt+Shift+1 (Win), Opt+Shift+1 (macOS)
Workspace 2Alt+Shift+2 (Win), Opt+Shift+2 (macOS)
Workspace 3Alt+Shift+3 (Win), Opt+Shift+3 (macOS)
Workspace 4Alt+Shift+4 (Win), Opt+Shift+4 (macOS)
Workspace 5Alt+Shift+5 (Win), Opt+Shift+5 (macOS)
Workspace 6Alt+Shift+6 (Win), Opt+Shift+6 (macOS)
Workspace 7Alt+Shift+7 (Win), Opt+Shift+7 (macOS)
Workspace 8Alt+Shift+8 (Win), Opt+Shift+8 (macOS)
Workspace 9Alt+Shift+9 (Win), Opt+Shift+9 (macOS)
Zoom In=
Zoom Out– (hyphen)
Zoom To Clip\

Panel shortcuts

New Bin
Ctrl+B (Windows), Cmd+B (macOS)
History Panel Menu
Step BackwardLeft Arrow
Step ForwardRight Arrow
Ingest Dialog
Check AllShift+V
Uncheck AllCtrl+Shift+V
Check Selected Item(s)V
Clear In Out PointsC
Select Directory ListCtrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (macOS)
Select Media ListCtrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (macOS)
Set In PointI
Set Out PointO
Timeline Panel Menu
Ripple DeleteAlt+Backspace (Win), Opt+Delete (macOS)
Show Next ScreenDown Arrow
Show the Previous ScreenUp

New shortcuts in Prelude

Trim In Point of Selected Clip to CTIQ
Trim Out Point of Selected Clip to CTIW
Insert Clip(s) at the previous edit point, (Comma)
Insert Clip(s) at the next edit point. (period)
Select clip at PlayheadD
Move clips left[ (Left angle bracket)
Move clips right] (Right angle bracket)

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