How to Create Demo Content for your WordPress Website - Quick Guide

Are you a developer? Are you searching for how to create dummy content on WordPress?

Then you are at the right place. So in this article, we will show how to create demo/dummy content for your website.

So every time a developer develops a theme/plugin they need to test it on a demo website before releasing it, and they need some content to test it out successfully.

And this is where FakerPress comes to the rescue!

The plugin can generate demo posts with featured images, tags, categories, custom post types, metadata, comments, and custom comment types. FakerPress can generate fake users on your platform as well.

Okay so don’t waste any more time and let’s jump straight into the process. Follow every step carefully and you will be good to go.


Detailed Guide

Step 1

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and hover over Plugins and the click on Add New

Step 2

Now search here with “FakerPress” and then click on Install.

Step 3

Click on Activate

Step 4

It’s time to generate some demo content for the website. So hover on FakerPress on the left side and click on Posts.

Step 5

Here, follow the steps mentioned in the screenshot given below.

Step 6

Apply Meta & Taxonomy field rules if you want to, but it is absolutely optional.

Step 7

Click on Generate button and your posts will be created just like shown in the given screenshot below.


To Generate Dummy Users

Follow the screenshot and click on Generate.

To Generate Fake Comments

Check out the screenshot and click on Generate.


Users can create the following things:
  • Posts
  • Custom Post Types
  • Meta Data
  • Featured Image
  • Users
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Custom Comment Types

Hopefully, you found the guide very useful and if you really have any doubts regarding this, then just don’t forget to drop a comment below and one of our experts will try to help you on that particular matter.

We are also providing the link to the plugin at the end of this article. Do check it out!

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