Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts of Canva - Windows & Mac

All Keyboard Shortcuts of Canva - Windows & Mac
CTRL/CMD + ASelect All
ESC deselect
DELETE or BACKSPACE delete element
CTRL/CMD + C OR V Copy/Paste
CTRL/CMD + Z Undo last action
CTRL/CMD + Shift + ZRedo last action
TAB keyPrevious/Next
CTRL/CMD and +Key Zoom in
CTRL/CMD and – Key Zoom out
CTRL/CMD + S Save file
SpacebarPlay or Pause a Video
 CopyCmd/Ctrl + C
 PasteCmd/Ctrl + V
 Quick CopyAlt/Option + Drag
Add a text boxT key
 Bold textCmd/ctrl + B
Italicized textCmd/ctrl + I
 Underline textCmd/Ctrl + U
 Increase font sizeCmd/Ctrl + Shift + >
 Decrease font sizeCmd/Ctrl + Shift + <
 Copy text styleCmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt +C
 Paste text styleCmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt +V
Convert text to uppercaseCmd/ctrl + Shift + K
 Align text to the leftCmd/ctrl + shift + L
Align text to the right: Cmd/ctrl + shift + R
Align text in the centerCmd/ctrl + shift + C
 Group elementsCmd/Ctrl + G
 Ungroup elementsCmd/Ctrl + Shift + G
 Duplicate elementsCmd/ctrl + D
 Select all elementsCmd/ctrl + A
 Deselect elementESC key
 Delete elementDelete key
Send elements backwardCmd/ctrl + [
Send elements forwardCmd/ctrl + ]
Send elements to backCmd/ctrl +Option/Alt + [
Send elements to the frontCmd/ctrl + Option/Alt + ]
Add a line to your templateL key
Add a rectangle to your template R key
Add a circle to your template C key
Constrain proportions while resizingShift + Drag Corners
Scale element relative to its Center PointAlt + Drag Side Handles
Zoom in on your templateCmd/ctrl + “+”
Zoom out of your templateCmd/ctrl + “-”
 Zoom 100%Cmd/ctrl + 0
 Zoom to fitCmd/ctrl + Option/Alt+0
 Undo an actionCmd/ctrl + Z
 Redo an action Cmd/ctrl + Shift
 Add a new page Cmd/Ctrl + Return Key
 Delete empty page Cmd/Ctrl + Delete key
Add a comment Cmd/Ctrl + Option/ Alt+M
 Select multiple elements Shift + Click
CTRL/CMD + GGroup Elements
CTRL/CMD + Shift + GUngroup Elements
CTRL/CMD + ] or [Move an element forward/backward
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Option + [ or ]Move all the way to the front or back
Arrow Keys (L or R)Nudge an element by 1px
Shift + Arrow Keys (L or R)Move element by 10px
CTRL/CMD + Shift + KChange text to uppercase or lowercase
CTRL/CMD + UUnderline text
CTRL/CMD + BBold Text
CTRL/CMD + iChange text to italics
CTRL/CMD + L, R, or CAlign text to the left, right, or center
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + H, M, or BAlign text to the top (default), middle, or bottom
R, C, or LCreate a rectangle, circle, or line
TCreate a text box
Shift + CTRL/CMD + < or >Increase or decrease font size
CTRL/CMD + Enter or DeleteAdd or delete a new page
CTRL/CMD + Shift + JAlign a group of text boxes
ALT/Option + UP or DOWN arrowLine Spacing
CTRL/CMD + / or ?Open or close the Search
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + C or VCopy or Paste a Text Style
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + LLoop Video
ALT/Opt + Shift + TTidy Up
ALT/Opt + Shift + LLock / Unlock for editing
MMute or unmute a video
Shift + RToggle Rulers on/off
?Open up help. Hint: search “keyboard shortcuts” for quick access!

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