Top 4 No-Investment Reselling Apps in India (2022)

Are you looking for a business that has the potential to make you a lot of money with minimal effort? Reselling is the answer! Reselling is the process of buying products in bulk from manufacturers and distributors and then selling them to the public for a profit. Reselling is a great opportunity for making money because you can turn a small investment into a large income with minimal effort.

But now you may think that we have mentioned in the title “No-Investment” and now we are saying to buy products in bulk. To make it easier for you we will be mentioning the apps which don’t require you to buy products in bulk. So here are the


List of Top 4 Reselling Apps in India



Meesho is a reselling application, where you get a good price with your product, and the vendor gets a good price with their product. Meesho helps you find new sellers and the best deals, all at once. To start, Meesho helps you find new sellers on a platform that’s proven to be reliable, intuitive, and easy to use with results.

Meesho provides fashionable, high-quality lifestyle items at wholesale costs, allowing you to buy online on any budget. You can also resale items to your relatives and friends. Today is the best time to start an online business with no money down! You can work from home and earn money online with just a phone.

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Female entrepreneurs can benefit from Shop 101 since it gives them an alternative to typical employment opportunities and gives them the freedom to manage their own enterprises and work schedules.

For female company owners looking to launch and expand their ventures, this software is an invaluable tool. Entrepreneurs can use this app to connect with suppliers, discover new things to offer, and monitor their sales.

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GlowRoad was founded in 2017 by Sonal Verma, Kunal Sinha, Nitesh Pant, Shekhar Sahu, and Nilesh Padariya. Through social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp, users can resell goods acquired directly from producers and distributors. With a combination of reseller-friendly tools and the strength of automation, GlowRoad has simultaneously maintained a significant position in India’s social commerce ecosystem since its launch. GlowRoad can be attributed to igniting resale by using technology by placing a heavy emphasis on how automation could make the platform more user-friendly.

GlowRoad is a social selling platform for Indian women and small enterprises. The smartphone app allows online retailers and small companies to profit from marketing certain items and services via online and offline social networks. Glowroad is a social e-commerce network that allows suppliers to sell their goods to end users via resellers.



Flipkart launched the Shopsy app recently which is basically a reselling app that you can use to grow your reselling business by using your social media channels. On the Shopsy online shopping app, you can browse over 15 crore product listings in categories like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, mobiles, home, and much more.

You may quickly make an account on Shopsy’s platform, log in, and begin making money online. Simply browse the product catalogue to find items in categories like fashion and more. Share it with your family, friends, and clients. Last but not least, add your profit margin, place the order, and then enjoy your profits as the margin will be credited to your account.


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