Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts of Nuke - Windows & Mac

Note:  On Mac, replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key.




Backspace/DeleteDelete selected clips or folders
MMB dragVirtual slider (number fields)
Space bar (short press)Expand the focused panel to the full window
Space bar (long press)Raise the right-click menu
Alt+SMake the application or floating window fullscreen.
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+CCopy selected item(s)
Ctrl+DDuplicate selected item(s)
Ctrl+F#Save current window layout. The # represents a function key number, F1 through F6
Ctrl+LMB on panel nameFloat panel
Ctrl+NCreate a new project or script, depending on the environment
Ctrl+OOpen a project or script, depending on the environment
Ctrl+QExit the application
Ctrl+SSave current project or script, depending on the environment
Ctrl+TCycle through tabs in the current pane. Note that this does not work if the focus is on the input pane of the Script Editor
Ctrl+VPaste the contents of the clipboard
Ctrl+WClose the current project or script, dependent on the environment
Ctrl+XCut selected item(s)
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action
Shift+EscClose the current tab
Shift+F1..F6Change workspace
Shift+SOpen the Preferences dialog
Alt+Shift+1..6Open a recent project or script, depending on the environment
Ctrl+Shift+ASelect none
Ctrl+Alt+`Goto next pane
Ctrl+Shift+[Go to the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+]Goto previous tab
Ctrl+Shift+SSave the current project or script, depending on the environment, and specify the name (Save As)
Ctrl+Shift+ZRedo the last action
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+`Goto previous pane

Nuke Studio’s Timeline Viewer

Zoom Out
+Zoom In
CRazor selected
EClipping Warning
EndGo to End
FZoom to Fit
F12Clear playback cache
HZoom to Fill
HomeGo to Start
IMark In point
JPlay Backward
LPlay Forward
Left ArrowFrame Backwards
OMark Out point
PgDownNext Layer
PgUpPrevious Layer
QShow Overlays
ReturnSwap A/B Inputs
Right ArrowFrame Forwards
VDisplay the version selector
Alt+Down ArrowVersion down the selected clip
Alt+IClear In Point
Alt+OClear Out Point
Alt+Shift+Left ArrowPrevious Tag
Alt+Shift+Right ArrowNext Tag
Alt+UClear In/Out Points
Alt+Up ArrowVersion up the selected clip
Ctrl+/Show Timeline Editor
Ctrl+FFull Screen
Ctrl+LMBColor picker (single-pixel)
Ctrl+RMBDeselect sampled pixels
Ctrl+SSave current project
Shift+CRazor all under playhead
Shift+IGo to In Point
Shift+Left ArrowSkip Backwards
Shift+OGo to Out Point
Shift+Right ArrowSkip Forwards
Ctrl+Alt+Down ArrowGo to min version
Ctrl+Alt+Up ArrowGo to the max version
Ctrl+Shift+1Zoom to Actual Size
Ctrl+Shift+2Zoom to Half Size
Ctrl+Shift+FFull Quality 1:1
Ctrl+Shift+LMBColor picker (region of pixels)
Ctrl+Shift+PIgnore Pixel Aspect
Ctrl+Shift+SSave the current project and specify the name (Save As)

Nuke Studio’s Timeline



, (comma)Nudge selected shot(s) left, where space is available
. (period)Nudge selected shot(s) right, where space is available
1Display in the A input buffer
2Display in the B input buffer
Alt and dragRipple and duplicate the dragged shot
Alt then dragDuplicate the dragged shot
DEnable or disable the selected shot(s)
Down ArrowNext Edit
drag then AltActivate Ripple mode while dragging shot
ECycles between the Slip Clip and Slide Clip tools
Enter (numeric keypad)Edit playhead time
F12Clear playback cache
F5Render all Comp containers
F7Render selected Comp containers
LMBSelect a clip including any linked tracks
MInsert the contents of a source Viewer into the timeline at the current playhead position overwriting existing shots
NInsert the contents of a source Viewer into the timeline at the current playhead position and ripple existing shots downstream to accommodate the change
Numeric keypad arrowsChange selection between shots
QCycles between the available move tools: Multi, Move/Trim, and Select
RCycles between the available edit tools: Ripple, Roll, and Retime
TCycles between the available razor tools: Razor, Razor All, and Join
UMark clip
Up ArrowPrevious Edit
VDisplay the version selector
WCycles between the available selection tools
Shift+drag clipDisable snap to transition when dragging clips
Alt+, (comma)Nudge selected shot(s) up, overwriting any clips on the tracks above
Alt+. (period)Nudge selected shot(s) down, overwriting any clips on the tracks below
Alt+DDisplay metadata for the selected track item(s)
Alt+Down ArrowVersion down the selected shot
Alt+LMBSelect a clip, ignoring linked tracks (for example, audio only)
Alt+Up ArrowVersion up the selected shot
Ctrl+numeric keypad arrowsNudge selected shot(s), where space is available
Ctrl+ASelect all shots
Ctrl+IImport files
Ctrl+ReturnOpen selected shot in the Viewer
Ctrl+TAdd a dissolve between two selected shots
Shift+, (comma)Nudge selected shot(s) left by the increment amount set under the Viewer, where space is available
Shift+. (period)Nudge selected shot(s) right by the increment amount set under the Viewer, where space is available
Shift+BackspaceRipple delete
Shift+UMark selection
Alt+Shift+/Rename shots
Ctrl+Alt+ASelect all in track
Alt+Shift+Down ArrowGo to min version
Alt+Shift+Up ArrowGo to the max version
Ctrl+Alt+ReturnOpen selected shot in a new Viewer
Ctrl+Shift+ADeselect all shots
Ctrl+Shift+EOpen the Export dialog
Ctrl+Shift+IImport folders
LMB then Shift+LMBSelect all clips between the left-clicks
Shift+Alt+LMBIgnore linked tracks during the selection
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+IImport EDL, XML, or AAF

2D Compositing Viewer

Zoom Out
, (comma)Decrease Gain
; (semi-colon)Previous view (multiview)
. (period)Increase Gain
‘ (apostrophe)Next view (multiview)
[Toggle left toolbar
]Toggle right toolbar
` (backtick)Toggle floating viewers
+Zoom In
0, 1, 2, etc.Set Viewer inputs
ADisplay the Alpha channel
BDisplay the Blue channel
EndGo to the last frame
F or MMBZoom to Fit
F12Clear buffers and playback cache
GDisplay the Green channel
HZoom to Fill
HomeGo to the first frame
IMark In point
JPlay Backward
LPlay Forward
Left ArrowStep backward one frame
MDisplay the Matte channel
Numeric pad left/right arrow keysNudge one frame backward or forward
OMark Out point
PPause Viewer refreshing
PgDownNext layer
PgUpPrevious layer
QToggle overlays
RDisplay the Red channel
ReturnSwap A/B input buffers
Right ArrowStep forward one frame
SOpen Viewer settings

Note:  You can’t use the S keyboard shortcut to open Viewer properties when Roto or RotoPaint properties are open.

TabToggle 2D/3DUUpdate the ViewerWToggle wipe toolYDisplay the Luma channelAlt+# (0, 1, 2, etc.)Zoom out %Alt+GGo to a specific frameAlt+IClear In pointAlt+LMBPanAlt+MMBZoom in/OutAlt+OClear Out pointAlt+PToggle Input ProcessAlt+UClear In and Out pointsAlt+WROI – Activate new regionAlt+ZToggle lock/unlock zoom levelCtrl+# (0, 1, 2, etc.)Zoom-in %Ctrl+Left ArrowMove the playhead backward to the midpointCtrl+LMBColour picker (single-pixel)Ctrl+PToggle ProxyCtrl+Right ArrowMove playhead forward to the midpointCtrl+RMBDeselect sampled pixelsCtrl+SSave current scriptCtrl+UEnable or disable previewing output on an external broadcast video monitorShift+[Toggle top toolbarShift+]Toggle bottom toolbarShift+0, 1, 2, etc.Set Viewer reference inputsShift+Left ArrowMove left incremented amount (timeline)Shift+numeric pad left/right arrowsNudge frames backward or forwards by the amount specified in the skip frames controlShift+Right ArrowMove right incremented amount (timeline)Shift+WEnable or disable ROIAlt+Shift+SSave the script as a new versionCtrl+Shift+LMBColour picker (region)Ctrl+Shift+PToggle pixel aspect ratioCtrl+Shift+SSave the current script and specify a name (Save As)

3D Compositing Viewer

C3D Top view
PgDownNext Layer
PgUpPrevious Layer
SDisplay Viewer Settings
TabToggle 2D/3D viewer
V3D Perspective view
WToggle the Wipe tool
X3D right-side view
Z3D front view
Alt+LMBTranslate viewer on y, z-axis
Alt+MMBZoom in/out (drag left/right)
Alt+RMB or Ctrl+LMBRotate viewer on x, y-axis
Ctrl+LToggle Unlocked/Locked/Interactive Camera or Light
Shift+C3D Bottom view
Shift+X3D Left-side view
Shift+Z3D Back view
Ctrl+Shift+LMBRotate the viewer on the z-axis

Node Graph

. (period)Dot node
/Search by node name or class
\Snaps all nodes to the grid
0, 1, 2, etc.Create/connect viewer inputs
BInsert Blur node
Backspace/DeleteDelete nodes
CInsert ColorCorrect node
DDisable/Enable node
Down ArrowNext node in the tree
FFit selected nodes to Node Graph panel
F12Clear Buffers
F5Render all Write nodes
F7Render selected Write nodes
GInsert Grade node
IDisplay selected node information
JJump to bookmarked node
KInsert Copy node
LAuto-place selected nodes
MInsert Merge node
NRename selected node
Numeric pad arrow keysNavigate around the node tree in the direction specified. For example, pressing the left arrow key (4) selects the next node to the current node’s left in the tree.
OInsert Roto node
PInsert RotoPaint node
QShow named script info
RInsert Read node
ReturnOpen properties for the selected node(s)
SDisplay Project Settings
TInsert Transform node
TabTab node search menu
USplay first (Splay selected nodes to 1st selected node)
Up ArrowThe previous node in the tree
WInsert Write node
XCommand entry mode
YSplay last (Splay 1st node to the output of 2nd)
Alt+# (0, 1, 2, etc.)Zoom-out %
Alt+BDuplicate and branch selected nodes
Alt+CDuplicate selected node(s)
Alt+DToggles whether a node is always displayed in Dope Sheet or not
Alt+Down ArrowVersion down the current Read/Write node filename
Alt+EToggle expression links on or off
Alt+FGenerate Flipbook for node
Alt+HHide node inputs when not selected
Alt+IDisplay script information, such as the node count, channel count, cache usage, and whether the script is in full-res or proxy mode
Alt+KClone selected node(s)
Alt+NCreate StickyNote
Alt+PToggle postage stamp on or off
Alt+USplay first selected node to input A
Alt+Up ArrowVersion up the current Read/Write node filename
Alt+XRun a script from the file browser
Ctrl+# (0, 1, 2, etc.)Zoom-in %
Ctrl+ASelect all nodes in Node Graph
Ctrl+BToggle node buffer
Ctrl+CCopy selected node(s)
Ctrl+create nodeReplace the selected node with the new node
Ctrl+DDisconnect upstream node
Ctrl+Down ArrowMove selected node downstream
Ctrl+F7..F10Save locations 1 through 4
Ctrl+GNest selected nodes in Group
Ctrl+IOpen new Compositing Viewer
Ctrl+LMB on nodeHighlight all upstream nodes
Ctrl+PToggle Proxy
Ctrl+Return/EnterOpen Group’s node graph
Ctrl+Up ArrowMove selected node upstream
Shift+\Snap selected node to grid
Shift+# (0, 1, 2, etc.)Connect selected node to Viewer reference input
Shift+AAddMix node
Shift+create nodeCreate a node in the new branch
Shift+dragDuplicate selected arrow
Shift+F7..F10Restore locations 1 through 4
Shift+USplay selected nodes to the last selected node
Shift+XSwap A/B inputs on node
Shift+YSplay backward (2nd node to 1st node’s output)
Alt+LMB dragPan
Alt+MMB dragZoom-in/out
Alt+Shift+KDeclone nodes
Alt+Shift+USplay last selected node to input A
Alt+Shift+Up ArrowVersion to up to the latest file (Read nodes only)
Ctrl+Alt+A on nodeSelect all nodes in the node tree
Ctrl+Alt+GReplace Group node with nested nodes
Ctrl+Alt+LMB on nodeOpen node properties in a floating window
Ctrl+Shift+/Search and Replace (Read and Write nodes)
Ctrl+Shift+BToggle selected node(s) bookmark on or off
Ctrl+Shift+CChange node color
Ctrl+Shift+GCopy gizmo to group
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste a copied node into a new branch from an existing node
Ctrl+Shift+LMB on nodeSelect all upstream nodes
Ctrl+Shift+NCreate a new script in a new session
Ctrl+Shift+PCreate Precomp from selected nodes
Ctrl+Shift+XExtract selected nodes from the tree
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+GCreate Group from selected nodes
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+KForce clone

Project/Tags/Versions Bin

DHide version(s) of a clip. You can only hide versions when a clip is opened in the Versions Bin
F8Refresh clips
VDisplay the version selector
Alt+DDisplay metadata for the selected shot(s)
Alt+Down ArrowVersion down the selected clip
Alt+F5Rescan clip range
Alt+Up ArrowVersion up the selected clip
Ctrl+BCreate a new bin
Ctrl+NCreate a new sequence
Ctrl+ReturnOpen the selected clip in the Viewer
Ctrl+YCreate a new tag. You can only add tags to the Tags panel
Ctrl+ALt+Down ArrowGo to min version
Ctrt+Alt+ReturnOpen the selected clip to a new Viewer
Ctrl+Alt+Up ArrowGo to the max version

Properties Panel

/Search by node name or class
LMB dragCopy current value from one control to another
Return/EnterChooses selected menu item
TabMove to the next control in the properties
Up/Down ArrowIncrement control values
Alt+LMB dragIncrement control values using a virtual slider
Alt+LMB on close (x)Close all Properties panels
Ctrl+ASelect all nodes in the Properties panel
Ctrl+LMBReset slider to default
Ctrl+LMB on close (x)Close all properties panels except the one clicked
Ctrl+LMB dragExpression link controls
Ctrl+Shift+AClose all open Properties panels
Shift+LMB dragCopy animation from one control to another
Shift+TabMove to the previous control in the properties

Curve Editor/Dope Sheet

AFrame all keyframes
CInterpolation (Cubic)
FFrame all selected keyframes
HInterpolation (Horizontal)
KInterpolation (Constant)
LInterpolation (Linear)
LMBSelect single point
LMB drag on blank spaceSelect region of points
LMB drag on the pointMove all selected points
LMB drag on the selection boxScale points inside the selection region
LMB drag on transform handleMove all points in the selection region
MMB dragDraw box in area and zoom to fit the area to curve editor panel
MMB or FFit selection to window
RInterpolation (Catmull-Rom)
XBreak selected control points’ handles
ZInterpolation (Smooth [bezier])
Alt+` (backtick)Display Curve Editor
Alt+LMB dragPan
Alt+MMB dragVariable zoom
Ctrl+ASelect all curves
Ctrl+CCopy selected keys
Ctrl+ECopy Expressions
Ctrl+LCopy Links
Ctrl+LMB dragMove keyframes freely on the x and y axes
Ctrl+Shift (hold down)Hide points to click on the selection box/transform handle
Ctrl+VPaste curve
Ctrl+XCut selected keys
Shift+LMBAdd or Remove points from the selection
Shift+LMB dragDraw box to add/remove points from the selection
Alt+Shift+LMB dragMove single point
Ctrl+Alt+LMBAdd point to the current curve
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy selected curves
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+LMBSketch points freely to the current curve

Script Editor

TabIncrease indentation
Ctrl+[Load previous script
Ctrl+]Load next script
Ctrl+BackspaceClear output window
Ctrl+Return/EnterRun script in the editor
Shift+TabDecrease indentation
Ctrl+Shift+[Decrease indentation of selected text
Ctrl+Shift+]Increase indentation of selected text


BackspaceDelete an item from the curve list or Delete points/shapes
CToggle Clone tool
DToggle Dodge/Burn
DeleteRemove selected point(s)
EIncrease feather on selected point(s)
EscSwitch back to the current Select tool
IPick color
NToggle Brush/Eraser
Return (Bezier/Spline tools)Close shape
S (with Viewer mouse-over focus)Cycle between the selected tool’s modes
T (Clone tool)Toggle source as onion skin with transform jack
T (Select tool)Display transform box (points) or jack (shapes)
VToggle Bezier/B-Spline/Ellipse/Rectangle tools
XToggle Blur/Sharpen/Smear tools
ZSmooth selected points
Ctrl+ASelect all points
Ctrl+LMB (Bezier/Spline tool)Sketch a Bezier or B-spline
Ctrl+LMB (on a point)Break tangent handle for the selected point
Ctrl+drag (Clone/Reveal tools)Set offset between source and destination
Ctrl+Shift (transform box)Drag transform box points to move them
Shift+LMB (Bezier tool)Create a sharp point on the previous point
Shift+LMB (editing points)Bring up transform box for selected points
Shift+drag (Brush/Eraser/Clone/Reveal tools)Change brush size
Shift+drag (editing Bezier/Spline points)Move both tangents handles at the same time
Shift+ERemove feather from selected points
Shift+ZCusp selected points
Ctrl+Alt+LMB (on Splines)Add point to the curve
Ctrl+Shift+drag (B-Spline)Increase/decrease tension of B-Spline shape

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