Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts for Shopify (Windows)

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Shopify


General Shortcuts
Keyboard help?
Focus search barS
Focus filter barF
Log outB+Y+E
Your profileM+E
Open the store switcherO+S
Adding Items
Add productA+P
Add collectionA+C
Add discountA+D
Add orderA+O
Add customerA+U
Add blog postA+B
Add blogA+L
Add pageA+G
Navigating Admin Panel
Go to homeG+H
Go to productsG+P+P
Go to analyticsG+N
Go to discountsG+D
Go to appsG+A
Go to abandoned checkoutsG+B+C
Go to products, inventoryG+P+I
Go to products, gift cardsG+P+G
Go to the online store, blog postsG+W+B
Go to the online store, themesG+W+T
Go to the online store, domainsG+W+D
Go to settings, locationsG+T+L
Go to settings, paymentsG+S+P
Go to settings, shippingG+S+S
Go to settings, notificationsG+S+N
Go to settings, filesG+S+F
Go to settings, online storeG+S+W
Go to settings, sales channelsG+S+L
Go to ordersG+O
Go to customersG+C
Go to marketingG+M
Go to sales channelsG+L
Go to settingsG+S
Go to products, transfersG+P+T
Go to products, collectionsG+P+C
Go to the online store, overviewG+W+O
Go to the online store, pagesG+W+P
Go to line store, navigationG+W+N
Go to point of sale, overviewG+T+O
Go to settings, generalG+S+G
Go to settings, checkoutG+S+C
Go to settings, taxesG+S+X
Go to settings, gift cardsG+S+I
Go to settings, accountG+S+A
Go to settings, point of saleG+S+T
Go to settings, billingG+S+B

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