Ultimate Guide to All Keyboard Shortcuts of FL Studio

Windows vs Mac Equivalent keys

WindowsMac Equivalent
Backspacedelete (< X)
Deletefn+delete (< X)
Insert (Ins)fn+return

Global Shortcuts

Keys/ActionFile Operations
Ctrl+ZUndo / Redo the last edit
Ctrl+Alt+ZUndo step-by-step

Shortcuts by Window

Keys/ActionFile Operations
Ctrl+OOpen file
Ctrl+SSave file
Ctrl+NSave new version
Ctrl+Shift+SSave As…
Ctrl+RExport wave file
Ctrl+Shift+RExport mp3 file
Ctrl+Shift+MExport MIDI file
Alt+0,1..9Open recent files 0..9
Ctrl+Shift+H(Re)arrange windows


Keys/ActionPattern Selector (Numpad)
1..9Select patterns 1..9
+Next pattern
Previous pattern
F2Open name editor for the selected pattern. Repeated presses randomly choose colors.
F4Next empty pattern with naming dialogue
Ctrl+F4Next empty pattern


Keys/ActionChannel Rack & Step Sequencer
1…9, 0Mute/Unmute the first 10 channels
Ctrl+1..9,0Solo/UnSolo first 10 channels
Up-ArrowSelect the previous channel
Down-ArrowNext channel
Page UpNext channel Group
Page DownPrevious channel Group
Alt+DelDelete selected channel/s
Alt+Down-ArrowChange the selected Channel, one step down
Alt+Up-ArrowChange the selected Channel, one step up
Alt+CClone selected channels
Alt+GGroup selected channels
Alt+MToggle Mixer Track Selectors
Alt+UUnzip selected channel/s
Alt+ZZip selected channel/s
Ctrl+Alt+RForce restretch of all Audio Clip Channels
Ctrl+EnterFocus Playlist
Ctrl+Shift+CClone channel/s
Ctrl+CCopy channel Steps/Score
Ctrl+LRoute selected Channel/s to free mixer track/s
Ctrl+VPaste channel Steps/Score
Ctrl+XCut channel Steps/Score
Shift+Up-ArrowMove selected channel/s Up
Shift+Down-ArrowMove selected channel/s Down
Shift+Ctrl+Left-ArrowShift Steps Left
Shift+Ctrl+Right-ArrowShift Steps Right


Keys/ActionRecord / Playback / Transport
BackspaceToggle Line/None Snap
SpaceStart/Stop Playback
Ctrl+SpaceStart/Pause Playback
LSwitch Pattern/Song mode
RSwitch On/Off recording (This also works during playback)
0 (NumPad)Fast forward
/ (NumPad)Previous bar (Song mode)
* (NumPad)Next bar (Song mode)
Ctrl+EToggle Step Edit mode
Ctrl+HStop sound (panic)
Ctrl+TToggle typing keypad to piano keypad
Ctrl+BToggle blend notes
Ctrl+MToggle metronome
Ctrl+PToggle recording metronome precount
Ctrl+IToggle wait for input to start recording


Keys/ActionWindow Navigation
TabCycle nested windows
F8Open Plugin Picker
EnterToggle Max/Min Playlist
EscCloses a window
F1This Help
F5Toggle Playlist
F6Toggle Step Sequencer
F7Toggle Piano roll
Alt+F8Show/hide Sample Browser
F9Show/hide Mixer
F10Show/hide MIDI settings
F11Show/hide song info window
F12Close all windows
Ctrl+Shift+HArrange windows


Alt+Left-Arrow / Right-ArrowMove selected mixer track/s Left/Right
Alt+LSelect the channels Linked to the selected mixer track
Alt+WToggle Peak-meter ‘Wave’ view
Ctrl+LLink selected channels to the selected mixer track
Shift+Ctrl+LLink selected channels STARTING From selected mixer track
Shift+Mouse-WheelMove selected mixer track/s Left/Right (mouse-over track)
Ctrl+Shift+Left-ClickSelect multiple mixer tracks
Ctrl+Shift+SSave Mixer track state
F2Rename selected mixer track
SSolo Current track
Alt+SAlt Solo – Activate the Current track and all tracks Routed TO/FROM It
Alt+RRender Armed tracks to .wav
Keys/ActionPlaylist action
BPaint tool
CSlice tool
DDelete tool
ESelect tool
PDraw tool (pencil)
SSlip edit tool
TMute tool
YPlayback tool
ZZoom tool
AltBypass snap (very useful when combined with other modifiers)
Alt+GUngroup selection
Alt+MMute selection
Alt+POpen the Picker Panel
Alt+TAdd Time marker
Alt+/* and Ctrl+Alt+/*Jump to Next/Previous song marker (if present)
Alt+Left-ClickGrouped Tracks Mute switches – Mute/Unmute all.
Alt+Right-ClickAudition the clip selected.
Alt+Right-ShiftEngage snap free ‘Slice Mode’, release Alt after clicking on the Clip to use snapping.
Alt+Shift+MUnmute selection
Ctrl+ASelect All
BackspaceToggle Global Snap (none, current setting)
Ctrl+BDuplicate selection (or all Clips in zoom range if nothing is selected) to the right.
Ctrl+CCopy selection
Ctrl+DDeselect selection
Ctrl+PToggle Performance Mode
Ctrl+TAdd Time Marker
Ctrl+VPaste selection
Ctrl+XCut selection
Ctrl+Alt+CConsolidate selected Pattern/Audio Clips to audio, starting from the first selected Clip
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+CConsolidate selected Pattern/Audio Clips to audio, starting from the start of the Playlist
Ctrl+Alt+GGrid Color
Ctrl+Alt+HomeToggle Resizing from Left
Ctrl+F8Open Project Picker
Ctrl+InsAdd space at the start of the timeline selection of equal length to the selection
Ctrl+DelDelete space according to the timeline selection
Ctrl+EnterSelect time around the selection
Ctrl+Left-Arrow/Right-ArrowSelect the time before/after selection equal to the selection length
Ctrl+Shift+Left-clickAdd to selection
Ctrl+Shift+Right-ClickZoom to selected Clip
Ctrl+Right-ClickZoom on selection / Drag to make zoom selection (zoom on release)
DelDelete selected clip/pattern source data
Double Left-click on clip/patternOpen clip/pattern properties (e.g. Channel settings, Piano roll)
HomeMove the playback marker to the start of the Playlist.
Insert KeySlice Clip at the mouse cursor position
Left-Shift+Left-click (on Playlist)Add and resize clip/pattern (move mouse L/R after clicking and hold to resizing). It must be in draw mode (pencil icon).
Left-Shift+Right-ClickPan view
Middle mouse buttonPan view (hold & drag left/right)
PgUp / PgDownZoom in / Zoom out
Draw tool + ShiftSwap to Paint
Right-ClickDelete selected clip/pattern
Right-Shift+Left-clickSlice clip/pattern (click above/below clip/pattern & drag vertical)
Right-Alt+Right-Shift+Left-clickVertical Slice clip. Release alt to engage snap.
Right-Shift+Right-ClickSlice clip/pattern & delete smallest part (click above/below clip/pattern & drag vertical)
Right-Alt+Right-ClickQuantize selected
Right-Alt+Left-clickMute selected
Shift+CSelect all Clips according to the currently selected Clip source
Shift+GGroup selected Clips
Shift+IInvert selection
Shift+QQuick quantize Clip start times
Shift+Left-Arrow/Right-ArrowMove selection Left/Right
Shift+Up-Arrow/Down-ArrowMove selection Up/Down
Shift+Left-click (on clip/pattern)Clone (drag while holding clip/pattern)
Shift+mouse-wheel (on Clips)Nudge Clip position
Shift+Alt+TSet a Time Signature at the Play head or time selection
Shift+MSwitch stretch mode
Shift+mouse-wheel (on Track label area)Re-order Clip Tracks
Shift + 0 (zero)Center Playlist to the play-head position (numbers above typing keys)
Shift + 1 to 3Horizontal Zoom levels 1 (zoom out) to 3 (zoom in), (numbers above typing keys)
Shift + 4Horizontal Zoom, show all (numbers above typing keys)
Shift + 5Zoom to selection (numbers above typing keys)
Shift + 6Fit Performance Zone to Playlist (numbers above typing keys)


Keys/ActionPiano roll action
NOTE:Some keyboard modifiers apply only to Draw mode (


BPaint toolCSlice toolDDelete toolESelect toolFShow next property in the Piano roll event lane (lower section)GSelect the Channel aboveHSelect the Channel above with note dataJSelect the Channel below with note dataKSelect the Channel belowMToggle Keyboard view modeOToggle PortamentoPDraw tool (pencil)TMute toolYPlayback toolZZoom toolAltBypass snap (very useful when combined with other modifiers)Alt+AArpeggiatorAlt+BView note helpersAlt+CChange the color of selected note/s (to the selected color group)Alt+ERiff machineAlt+FFlamAlt+GUngroup selected notesAlt+KOpen Limit toolAlt+LOpen Articulate toolAlt+MMute selectionAlt+NSwitch waveform helper view (when available).Alt+OOpen the LFO tool when in the lower Event Editor areaAlt+QQuantizeAlt+ROpen Randomize toolAlt+SOpen Strum toolAlt+UOpen Chop toolAlt+VToggle Ghost channels ON/OFFAlt+WOpen Claw Machine toolAlt+XOpen Scale Levels toolAlt+YOpen Score Flipper toolAlt+Shift+MUnmute selectionAlt+Mouse wheelChange the selected note property of the note the mouse pointer is near or on.Alt+Arrow keysNudge the position of the selected note/s OR all notes if no selection is made.BackspaceToggle Global Snap (none, current setting)Ctrl+ASelect AllCtrl+BDuplicate selection, or all notes in zoom range if nothing is selected, to the right. Works also with timeline selections.Ctrl+CCopy selectionCtrl+DDeselect selectionCtrl+GGlue selected and touching notesCtrl+IInsert current controller valueCtrl+LQuick legatoCtrl+MImport MIDI fileCtrl+QQuick QuantizeCtrl+UQuick ChopCtrl+VPaste selectionCtrl+XCut selectionCtrl+Alt+GGrid ColorCtrl+Alt+HomeThe toggle allows resizing from leftCtrl+DeleteDelete space equal to the selectionCtrl+EnterSelect time around the selectionCtrl+InsertInsert space equal to the current time-line selectionCtrl+Up-Arrow/Down-ArrowTranspose selection UP/Down 1 OctaveCtrl+Left-Arrow/Right-ArrowSelect time before (left) or after (right) current selectionCtrl+Left-clickSelectCtrl+Shift+Left-clickAdd to selectionCtrl+Right-ClickZoom on selection/Drag to make zoom selection (zoom on release)DelDelete selectedDouble Left-click on the noteOpen note propertiesDouble Right-Click or X1 button on the Ghost noteSwap to Ghost channel to edit the note.Left-Shift+Left-click (on Piano roll)Add and resize notes (move mouse L/R after the click and hold to resize)Left-Shift+Right-ClickPan viewLeft-Alt+Right-ClickAudio previewMiddle mouse buttonPan view (hold and drag left/right)PgUp / PgDownZoom in / Zoom outDraw tool + ShiftSwap to PaintRight-ClickDelete Selected Note/sRight-Alt+Right-ClickQuantize selectedRight-Shift+Left-clickSlice notes (click above/below the note and drag vertically)Right-Shift+Right-ClickSlice notes & delete the smallest part (click above/below the note and drag vertically)Shift+Alt+TSet a Time Signature at the Play head or time selectionShift+Ctrl+VPaste from MIDI clipboardShift+CSelect by colorShift+DDiscard selected note lengthsShift+GGroup selectedShift+HSelect the next Channel, in the selected Pattern, with note data.Shift+IInvert selectionShift+KSelect the next ChannelAlt+MMute selectionShift+NTurn off the selected chordShift+QQuick quantizeShift+MSelect groups of notes at randomShift+RSelect at random (multiple presses will select more notes)Shift+Left-Arrow/Right-ArrowMove selection Left/RightShift+Up-Arrow/Down-ArrowMove selection Up/DownShift+Left-clickClone (drag while holding clip/pattern), release Shift after dragging to unlock vertical movementShift+mouse-wheel (on Clips)Nudge Clip positionShift+mouse-wheel (on Track label area)Re-order Clip TracksShift + 0 (zero)Center Playlist to the play-head position (numbers above typing keys)Shift + 1 to 3Horizontal Zoom levels 1 (zoom out) to 3 (zoom in), (numbers above typing keys)Shift + 4Horizontal Zoom, show all (numbers above typing keys)Shift + 5Zoom to selection (numbers above typing keys)

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