Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Guide of Audacity: Audio Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts of Audacity

1. File Menu

Ctrl+Shift+IImport audio
Ctrl+Shift+EExport audio
Ctrl+Shift+LExport multiple

2. Edit Menu
Ctrl+Alt+XRemove special> Split cut
Ctrl+Alt+KRemove special> Split delete
Ctrl+LRemove special> Silence audio
Ctrl+TRemove special> Time audio
Ctrl+IClip Boundaries > Split
Ctrl+Alt+IClip Boundaries > Split New
Ctrl+JClip Boundaries > Join
Ctrl+Alt+JClip boundaries > detach at the silence
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste text as a new label
Alt+XLabelled audio > cut
Alt+KLabelled audio > Delete
Shift+Alt+XLabelled audio >split cut
Shift+Alt+KLabelled audio >split delete
Alt+L`Labelled audio >silence audio
Shift+Alt+CLabelled audio >copy
Alt+ILabelled audio >split
Alt+JLabelled audio >join
Ctrl+Alt+ALabelled audio >detach at silences
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+SHift+ASelect none
QSelect > Spectral > Toggle Spectral Selection
[Select > Left at Playback Position
]Select > right at Playback Position
Shift+JSelect > Track Start to Cursor
Shift+KSelect > Cursor to Track End
Ctrl+Shift+KSelect > In All Tracks
Ctrl+Shift+YSelect > In All Sync-Locked Tracks
ZFInd zero crossings
LeftMove the cursor to selection start
RightMove the cursor to the selection end
JMove the cursor to track start
KMove the cursor to the end of the track
TabMove to and open the next label
Shift+TabMove to and open the previous label
Alt+RightMove to the previous label
Alt+LeftMove to the next label
Shift+HomeSelection to start
Shift+EndSelection to end
BackspaceDelete key
DeleteDelete key 2
Shift+LeftSelection extend left
Shift+RightSelection extend right
Ctrl+Shift+LeftSelection contract left
Ctrl+Shift+RightSelection contract right
LeftCursor left
RightCursor right
,Cursor Short Jump Left
.Cursor Short Jump right
Shift+,Cursor long Jump Left
Shift+.Cursor long Jump right


3. View Menu
Ctrl+1Zoom in
Ctrl+2Zoom normal
Ctrl+3Zoom out
Ctrl+EZoom to selection
Ctrl+FFit in window
Ctrl+Shift+FFit vertically
Ctrl+[Go to selection start
Ctrl+]Go to selection end
Ctrl+Shift+CCollapse all tracks
Ctrl+Shift+XExpand collapsed tracks
F11Fullscreen on/off


4. Transport Menu
XPlay/stop and set the cursor
Shift+SpaceLoop play
HomeSkip to start
EndSkip to end
Shift+TTimer record
Shift+RAppend record
Alt+RightMove the cursor to the next label
Alt+LeftMove the cursor to the previous label
1Play one second
BPlay to selection
CPlay cut preview
Shift+F5Play a short period before the selection starts
Shift+F6Play a short period after the selection start
Shift+F7Play a short period before the selection end
Shift+F8Play a short period after the selection end
Ctrl+Shift+F5Play a short period before and after selection start
Ctrl+Shift+F7Play a short period before and after selection end
Left/,Short Seek Left during Playback
Right/.Short Seek right during Playback
Shift+LeftLong Seek Left during Playback
Shift+RightLong Seek Right during Playback


5. Effect Menu
Ctrl+RRepeat the last effect


6. Analyse Menu


7. Device Toolbar
Shift+NChange Audio Host
Shift+OChange Playback Device
Shift+IChange Recording Device
Shift+NChange Recording Channels


8. Tools Toolbar
F1Selection tool
F2Envelope tool
F3Draw tool
F4Zoom tool
F5Timeshift tool
APrevious tool


9. Keyboard Focus
Ctrl+Shift+F6Move backwards through the currently focused toolbar in the Upper Toolbar dock area
Ctrl+F6Move forward through the currently focused toolbar in the Upper Toolbar dock area
Alt+Shift+F6Move backwards through modeless windows
Alt+F6Move forward through modeless windows


10. Audio Track Dropdown Menu
Shift+MOpen menu on a focused track
Shift+UMute/Unmute focused track
Shift+SSolo/Unsolo focused track
Shift+GChange gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+UpIncrease gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+DownDecrease gain on a focused track
Alt+Shift+LeftPan left on a focused track
Alt+Shift+RightPan right on a focused track
Shift+PChange pan on a focused track

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