How to Get FREE Disney Plus Hotstar Subsciption (Genuine Method)

Method 1: Use Airtel to get Free Disney Plus HotStar

Several Airtel plans provide a complimentary Disney Plus Hotstar subscription. You only need to open the My Airtel app and select a package that includes a free year of Disney + Hotstar premium. We have included the options below that are compatible with the complimentary Disney Plus Hotstar membership for your convenience.


Recharge Plans (Prepaid)DataValidityPrice
Unlimited2GB Per Day28 Days₹499
Unlimited2GB Per Day84 Days₹839
Unlimited2.5GB Per Day28 Days₹399
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls3GB Per Day28 Days₹599
Unlimited2GB Per Day365 Days₹2,999
Unlimited2.5GB Per Day365 Days₹3,359


Recharge Plans (Postpaid)DataValidityPrice
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls75GB1 month₹499
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls100GB1 month₹999
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls150GB1 month₹1,199
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls250GB1 month₹1,599


Method 2: Use Jio to get Free Disney + Hotstar Premium

You don’t have an Airtel number, do you? Don’t stress over it. Through a straightforward Jio recharge plan, Jio consumers may also obtain Disney Plus Hotstar for free. All of the Jio plans that will provide you a free Disney and Hotstar membership have been narrowed down by our team.


Recharge Plans (Prepaid)DataValidityPrice
Add On8GBActive Plan₹151
Unlimited1.5GB Per Day28 Days₹333
Unlimited1.5GB Per Day56 Days₹583
Unlimited1.5GB Per Day84 Days₹783
Unlimited2GB Per Day28 Days₹499
Unlimited2GB Per Day56 Days₹799
Unlimited3GB Per Day + 6GB28 Days₹601
Add On55GB55 Days₹555
Unlimited2GB Per Day + 5GB84 Days₹1,066
Add On1.5GB Per Day56 Days₹659
Unlimited2.5GB Per Day365 Days₹2,999
Unlimited2GB Per Day84 Days₹1,499
Unlimited3GB Per Day365 Days₹4,199


Recharge Plans (Postpaid)DataValidityPrice
Unlimited75GBBill Cycle₹399
Unlimited100GBBill Cycle₹599
Unlimited150GBBill Cycle₹799
Unlimited200GBBill Cycle₹999
Unlimited300GBBill Cycle₹1,499


Method 3: Get Free Disney Plus Hotstar Using Flipkart Super Coins

We are all aware of how great Disney Plus Hotstar is and how it is the only place to watch the IPL live.


Step 1: Launch the Flipkart app and navigate to the Super Coin category.


Step 2: Open the app and navigate to the Latest video entertainment rewards section.


Step 3: At this point, all you need to do is explore the screen and locate the Disney Plus Hotstar offer.


Step 4: To learn more about the offer, click on the Details option.


Step 5: Carefully read the Offer’s description and click the Get Offer button.

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