Ultimate Guide of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar


Move around the calendar

Change your calendar view to the next date rangej or n
Refresh your calendarr
Move to the current dayt
Move to add a calendar section+
Put your cursor in the search box/
Go to the Settings pages
Go to a specific dateg

Change your calendar view

Day view1 or d
Week view2 or w
Month view3 or m
Custom view4 or x
Agenda view5 or a

Make changes to an event

Create a new eventc
See an event’s detailse
Delete an eventBackspace or Delete
Save event (from the event details page)⌘ (Mac)
Ctrl + (Windows)
Return to the calendar grid from an event details pageEsc

View Tasks & Keep

You can now use Keep and Tasks in a side panel while using Calendar. To go to the side panel, use these shortcuts:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + . (period) or Ctrl + Alt + , (comma)
  • Chromebook: Alt + Shift + . (period) or Alt + Shift , (comma)
  • Mac:  + Option + . (period) or ⌘ + Option + , (comma).

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