Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Trello - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Trello


Left ArrowLeft ArrowGo to the left card
Right ArrowRight ArrowGo to the right card
Down Arrow, JDown Arrow, JGo one card up
Up Arrow, KUp Arrow, KGo one card down
BBView the board’s menu
/ (forward slash)/ (forward slash)Access the search box
CCArchive a card
DDAccess the due date picker
– (minus)– (minus)Add a checklist to the card
EEOpen the quick edit mode
EscEscCancel editing
Ctrl + EnterCommand + EnterSave text
EnterEnterOpen the current card
FFAccess card filter options
LLView card labels
When in labels mode
11Add a green label
22Add a yellow label
33Add an orange label
44Add a red label
55Add a purple label
66Add a blue label
77Add a sky label
88Add a lime label
99Add a pink label
00Add a black label
; (semicolon); (semicolon)Hide/unhide label names on a card
MMAdd/remove members from a card
NNAdd a new card
, (comma), (comma)Move a card to the bottom adjacent left list
. (dot). (dot)Move a card to the bottom adjacent right list
<<Move a card to the top adjacent left list
>>Move a card to the top adjacent right list
QQView all your cards
SSWatch/unwatch a card
SpaceSpaceAssign/unassign a card to yourself
TTEdit the card title
VVAdd/remove your vote from a card
WWOpen/hide the board menu
XXRemove all card filters
??Open the shortcuts panel
@@Mention a member
##Mention a label
^^Autocomplete position
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy a card
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste a card
Ctrl + XCommand + XCut a card
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste a card
ZZUndo the last action
Shift + ZShift + ZRedo the last action
RRRepeat the last action

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