Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Notion - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcuts of Notion


Ctrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + NOpen a new Notion window
Ctrl + [Cmd + [Go forward a page
Ctrl + ]Cmd + ]Go back a page
Ctrl + PCmd + POpen Search / Jump to a recently viewed page
Ctrl + Shift + LCmd + Shift + LSwitch dark mode/light mode
Ctrl + NCmd + NCreate a new page (desktop only)
Ctrl + BCmd + BBold text
Ctrl + ICmd + IItalicize text
Ctrl + UCmd + UUnderline text
Ctrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + SStrike-through text
Shift + TabShift + TabUn-indent
Ctrl + ECmd + EInline code
Ctrl + KCmd + KAdd a link (with text selected)
Ctrl + VCmd + VPaste over a link (with text selected)
Ctrl + Shift + 0Cmd + Option + 0Create text
Ctrl + Shift + 1Cmd + Option + 1Create an H1 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 2Cmd + Option + 2Create an H2 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 3Cmd + Option + 3Create an H3 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 4Cmd + Option + 4Create a to-do checkbox
Ctrl + Shift + 5Cmd + Option + 5Create a bullet list
Ctrl + Shift + 6Cmd + Option + 6Create a numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 7Cmd + Option + 7Create a toggle list
Ctrl + Shift + 8Cmd + Option + 8Create a code block
Ctrl + Shift + 9Cmd + Option + 9Create a new page
EnterEnterInsert a line of text
Shift + EnterShift + EnterCreate a line break within a block of text
Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MCreate a comment
Create a divider
/text/textCreates a new text block
/page/pageCreates a new page
/bullet/bulletCreates a bulleted list
/num/numCreates a numbered list
/todo/todoCreates a to-do list with checkboxes
/toggle/toggleCreates a toggle list
/div/divCreates a light gray divider
/quote/quoteCreates a quote block of larger text
/h1/h1Creates a large heading
/h2/h2Creates a medium-sized heading
/h3/h3Creates a small heading
/link/linkCreates a link to another page in your workspace
EscEscClears the / menu
/code/codeCreates a code block
/file/fileUpload any file from the computer or create an embed
/embed/embedAdd any one of the 500+ embeds that work with Notion
/image/imageUpload or embed image
/pdf/pdfUpload or embed PDF
/book/bookAdd a bookmark
/video/videoUpload or embed video
/audio/audioUpload or embed audio
/mention/mentionMention a page or a person within workspace
/reminder/reminderAdd a timestamp or reminder
/equation/equationAdd a TeX formula in line with your text
/emoji/emojiShow emoji picker
/table-inline/table-inlineCreates a database table inside the current page
/list-inline/list-inlineCreates a list-style database inside the current page
/board-inline/board-inlineCreates a Kanban board inside the current page
/calendar-inline/calendar-inlineCreates a calendar inside the current page
/gallery-inline/gallery-inlineCreates a gallery inside the current page
/timeline-inline/timeline-inlineCreates a timeline inside the current page
/linked/linkedCreates a linked database
/comment/commentComment on any block
/move to/move toMove a block to another page
/delete/deleteDelete the current block
/duplicate/duplicateDuplicate the current block
/toc/tocCreate a table of contents
/bread/breadCreate a breadcrumb button-group
/template/templateCreate a template button
/math/mathWrite mathematical equations and symbols
Ctrl + +Cmd + +Zoom In
Ctrl + –Cmd + –Zoom Out
EscEscSelect or clear the block
Ctrl + ACmd + ASelect the block with the cursor
SpaceSpaceOpen an image in full screen
Arrow KeysArrow KeysMove between the blocks
Shift + Arrow Up / Arrow DownShift + Arrow Up / Arrow DownExpand
Alt + Shift + ClickCmd + Shift + ClickSelect or unselect a block
Shift + ClickShift + ClickSelect all blocks between two selected blocks
BackspaceBackspaceDelete the selected block
Ctrl + DCmd + DDuplicate the selected block
EnterEnterEdit the highlighted text
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow KeysCmd + Shift + Arrow KeysMove the selected block
Ctrl + /Cmd + /Change type, color, edit or duplicate one or more blocks
Ctrl + Shift + HCmd + Shift + HUse the last text or highlight color you used
Ctrl + Alt + TCmd + Option + TExpand or close all the toggles in a toggle list
Type @ and another workspace member’s nameType @ and another workspace member’s nameMention a person
Type @ and the name of another page in your workspaceType @ and the name of another page in your workspaceMention a page
Type @ and date in any formatType @ and date in any formatMention a date
Type @remind followed by a date in any formatType @remind followed by a date in any formatAdd a reminder
Type ** on either side of the textType ** on either side of the textBold
Type * or _ on either side of the textType * or _ on either side of the textItalicize
Type ` on either side of the textType ` on either side of the textInline code
Type ~ on either side of the textType ~ on either side of the textStrike-through
– followed by space– followed by spaceBullet list
[] followed by space[] followed by spaceCheckbox
1., a., or i. followed by space1., a., or i. followed by spaceNumbered list
# followed by space# followed by spaceCreate an H1 heading
## followed by space## followed by spaceCreate an H2 heading
### followed by space### followed by spaceCreate an H3 heading
> followed by space> followed by spaceToggle list
” followed by space” followed by spaceQuote block

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