Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Microsoft Teams - Windows & Mac

List of Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Microsoft Teams



To do thisIn the Desktop app, pressIn the Web app, press
Show keyboard shortcuts.Ctrl+Period (.)Ctrl+Period (.)
Go to Search.Ctrl+ENo shortcut
Show commands.Ctrl+Slash (/)Ctrl+Slash (/)
Open filter.Ctrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Go to a specific team or channel.Ctrl+GCtrl+Shift+G
Open apps flyout.Ctrl+Accent (`)Ctrl+Accent (`)
Start a new chat.Ctrl+NLeft Alt+N
Open Settings.Ctrl+Comma (,)Ctrl+Shift+Comma (,)
Open Help.F1Ctrl+F1
Zoom in.Ctrl+Equals sign ( = )No shortcut
Zoom out.Ctrl+Minus sign (-)No shortcut
Reset zoom level.Ctrl+0No shortcut

To do this

In the Desktop app, pressIn the Web app, press
Open Activity.Ctrl+1Ctrl+Shift+1
Open Chat.Ctrl+2Ctrl+Shift+2
Open Teams.Ctrl+3Ctrl+Shift+3
Open Calendar.Ctrl+4Ctrl+Shift+4
Open Calls.Ctrl+5Ctrl+Shift+5
Open Files.Ctrl+6Ctrl+Shift+6
Go to the previous list item.Left Alt+Up arrow keyLeft Alt+Up arrow key
Go to the next list item.Left Alt+Down arrow keyLeft Alt+Down arrow key
Move selected team up.Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow keyNo shortcut
Move selected team down.Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow keyNo shortcut
Open the History menu.Ctrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
Go to the previous section.Ctrl+Shift+F6Ctrl+Shift+F6
Go to the next section.Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6
Go to an open application.Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6


To do thisIn the Desktop app, pressIn the Web app, press
Start a new conversation.Ctrl+NAlt+N
Go to compose box.Alt+Shift+CAlt+Shift+C
Expand compose box.Ctrl+Shift+XCtrl+Shift+X
Send a message.Ctrl+EnterCtrl+Enter
Start a new line.Shift+EnterShift+Enter
Reply to a thread.Alt+Shift+RAlt+Shift+R
Mark a message as important.Ctrl+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+I
Search current chat or channel messages.Ctrl+FCtrl+F

Meetings and calls

To do thisIn the Desktop app, pressIn the Web app, press
Accept video call.Ctrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A
Accept audio call.Ctrl+Shift+SCtrl+Shift+S
Decline call.Ctrl+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D
Start audio call.Ctrl+Shift+CCtrl+Shift+C
Start a video call.Ctrl+Shift+UCtrl+Shift+U
End audio call.Ctrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
End video call.Ctrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
Toggle mute.Ctrl+Shift+MCtrl+Shift+M
Temporarily unmute.Ctrl+SpacebarCtrl+Spacebar
Announce raised hands (screen reader).Ctrl+Shift+LCtrl+Shift+L
Raise or lower your hand.Ctrl+Shift+KCtrl+Shift+K
Start screen share session.Ctrl+Shift+ECtrl+Shift+E
Toggle video.Ctrl+Shift+ONo shortcut
Filter current list.Ctrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Go to sharing toolbar.No shortcutNo shortcut
Decline screen share.Ctrl+Shift+DNo shortcut
Accept screen share.Ctrl+Shift+ANo shortcut
Admit people from lobby notification.Ctrl+Shift+YNo shortcut
Open the Background settings menu.Ctrl+Shift+PNo shortcut
Schedule a meeting.Alt+Shift+NAlt+Shift+N
Go to the current time.Alt+Period (.)Alt+Period (.)
Go to the previous day or week.Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Left arrow key
Go to next day or week.Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Right arrow key
View day.Ctrl+Alt+1Ctrl+Alt+1
View workweek.Ctrl+Alt+2Ctrl+Alt+2
View week.Ctrl+Alt+3Ctrl+Alt+3
Save or send a meeting request.Ctrl+SCtrl+S
Join from meeting details.Alt+Shift+JAlt+Shift+J
Go to the suggested time.Alt+Shift+SAlt+Shift+S


To do thisIn the Desktop app, pressIn the Web app, press
Download diagnostic logs.Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1No shortcut



To do thisMacWeb
Show keyboard shortcuts.Command+Period (.)Command+Period (.)
Go to Search.Command+ECommand+E
Show commands.Command+Slash (/)Command+Slash (/)
Open filter.Command+Shift+FCommand+Shift+F
Go to a specific team or channel.Command+GCommand+Shift+G
Open apps flyout.No shortcutCommand+Accent (`)
Start a new chat.Command+NOption+N
Open Settings.Command+Comma (,)Command+Shift+Comma (,)
Open Help.F1Command+F1
Zoom in.Command+Equals sign ( = )No shortcut
Zoom out.Command+Minus sign (-)No shortcut
Return to default zoom.Command+0No shortcut
Reset zoom level.Command+0No shortcut
To do thisMacWeb
Open Activity.Command+1Control+Shift+1
Open Chat.Command+2Control+Shift+2
Open Teams.Command+3Control+Shift+3
Open Calendar.Command+4Control+Shift+4
Open Calls.Command+5Control+Shift+5
Open Files.Command+6Control+Shift+6
Go to the previous list item.Left Option+Up arrow keyLeft Option+Up arrow key
Go to the next list item.Left Option+Down arrow keyLeft Option+Down arrow key
Move selected team up.Command+Shift+Up arrow keyNo shortcut
Move selected team down.Command+Shift+Down arrow keyNo shortcut
Open the History menu.Command+Shift+HNo shortcut
Go to the previous section.Command+Shift+F6Command+Shift+F6
Go to the next section.Command+F6Command+F6


To do thisMacWeb
Start a new conversation.Option+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Go to compose box.Option+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Expand compose box.Command+Shift+XCommand+Shift+X
Send a message.Command+ReturnCommand+Return
Attach a file in chat messages.Option+Shift+ONo shortcut
Attach a file in channel messages.Command+OCommand+Shift+O
Start a new line.Shift+ReturnShift+Return
Reply to a thread.Option+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
Search current chat or channel messages.Command+FCommand+F

Meetings and calls

To do thisMacWeb
Accept video call.Command+Shift+ACommand+Shift+A
Accept audio call.Command+Shift+SCommand+Shift+S
Decline call.Command+Shift+DCommand+Shift+D
Start audio call.Command+Shift+CCommand+Shift+C
Start a video call.Command+Shift+UCommand+Shift+U
End audio call.Command+Shift+HNo shortcut
End video call.Command+Shift+HNo shortcut
Toggle mute.Command+Shift+MCommand+Shift+M
Temporarily unmute.Option+SpacebarNo shortcut
Announce raised hands (screen reader).Command+Shift+LCommand+Shift+L
Raise or lower your hand.Command+Shift+KCommand+Shift+K
Start screen share session.Command+Shift+ENo shortcut
Toggle video.Command+Shift+ONo shortcut
Toggle fullscreen.No shortcutCommand+Shift+F
Go to sharing toolbar.Command+Shift+SpaceCommand+Shift+Space
Decline screen share.Command+Shift+DNo shortcut
Accept screen share.Command+Shift+ANo shortcut
Admit people from lobby notification.Command+Shift+YNo shortcut
Open the Background settings menu.Command+Shift+PNo shortcut
Schedule a meeting.Option+Shift+NOption+Shift+N
Go to the current time.Option+Period (.)Option+Period (.)
Go to the previous day or week.Control+Option+Left arrow keyControl+Option+Left arrow key
Go to next day or week.Control+Option+Right arrow keyControl+Option+Right arrow key
View day.Command+Option+1Command+Option+1
View workweek.Command+Option+2Command+Option+2
View week.Command+Option+3Command+Option+3
Save or send a meeting request.Command+SCommand+S
Join from meeting details.Option+Shift+JOption+Shift+J
Go to the suggested time.Option+Shift+SOption+Shift+S


To do thisMacWeb
Download diagnostic logs.Command+Option+Shift+1No shortcut

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