Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide for PhotoDirector

List of Keyboard Shortcuts – PhotoDirector


1. Workspace

F3Switch to thumbnail view
F4Switch to list view
F6Switch to viewer
F7Switch to viewer only mode in the photo viewer window
F8Switch to browser-only mode
Alt+2Toggle compare mode on/off
EnterSet as current when comparing 2 photos
Alt+3Toggle show multiple modes on/off
Alt+1Toggle show one mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+MToggle mirror mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+AToggle alternative mode on/off
Ctrl+Alt+NSelect to display nothing on the secondary monitor
FToggle fullscreen
Alt+LOpen Library module
Alt+AOpen adjustment module
Alt+SOpen slideshow module
F1Open photo director help


2. FIle / Project features

Ctrl+IImport photos
Ctrl+NNew project
Alt+COpen PhotoDirector preferences
Right arrowGo to the next photo
Left arrowGo to the previous photo


3. General

Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+DDeselect all
DeleteDelete the photo
F2Rename selected tag/album


4. Operational

Ctrl+RReset adjustments to default settings
Ctrl+[Rotate photo left 90 degrees
Ctrl+]Rotate photo right 90 degrees
STurn flag on/off
XTurn rejection on/off
UClear all flags
0Remove rating
1Set selected photo rating as 1
2Set selected photo rating as 2
3Set selected photo rating as 3
4Set selected photo rating as 4
5Set selected photo rating as 5
Ctrl+0Remove label
Ctrl+1Set label as red
Ctrl+2Set label as blue
Ctrl+3Set label as green
Ctrl+4Set label as yellow
Ctrl+5Set label as purple
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy adjustment setting
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste copied adjustments
Ctrl+Create virtual photo
EscCancel regional adjustment


5. Zoom

SpacebarZoom to fit
Ctrl+MOuse wheelZoom in/out on the photo viewer window


6. Tone setting

Alt+TApply auto tone
ALt+WApply auto white balance

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